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My friend and fellow UC Berkeley compatriot Melissa (“The Fabulous”) Fabros is currently living on Kyushu in Kurume and teaching English to high school students as part of the JET program. Every year there is a big JET conference in Kobe, so Melissa and several of her comrades in JET descended on the Kansai area […]

Yesterday I was with Naoko-san, my Japanese tutor (she’s a graduate student in the Gengo Bunka Kenkyuuka who specializes in the acquisition of Japanese as a second language), when an orange t-shirt with blocky white lettering caught my eye. Sitting across from us, a studious-looking college student was busy poring over her books, rocking this […]

Richard and I were off on one of our relatively frequent jaunts to The Blarney Stone, which, as you might imagine, is an Irish bar in Umeda. It’s actually a really nice place to have a quiet beer and unwind — especially on off nights, or early on a Friday. Anyhow, Richard and I were […]

The Hartland is a great English style pub about a half an hour walk away from my apartment. Richard, Bob, Tomoko and I go there often. The owner of The Hartland, Shinji, is a really interesting guy. He’s a former graphic designer, he used to race 400 cc motorcycles (he’s an F1 enthusiast too, as […]

On Wednesdays recently Bob, Tomoko, Richard and myself have all been going to Urban Chuck Wagon Wild Beard for Wild Beard’s supremely delicious salt and pepper ribs. It’s a small little restaurant in Minoh with a wooden counter surrounded on three sides by wooden benches. It has a Western theme and it’s incredible how right […]

3 June, 2005 On Monday, May 23, I meet up with Anne McKnight at the Kinokuniya in Umeda (which seems to be my new favorite place to meet up with people when I head for downtown). Anne is totally one of the greatest people I’ve ever met — she’s superstar smart, really funny, and she […]

28 April, 2005Nara: Professor Gerry Yokoto takes me to Nara to see an exhibit of ancient Japanese art/artifacts at the Nara National Museum. The exhibit, called “The Dawning Age,” has just returned from Germany and is an extremely comprehensive exhibit of Jomon, Yayoi, Kofun, and Nara Period objects. The Jomon period is especially interesting because […]