urban chuck wagon wild beard


On Wednesdays recently Bob, Tomoko, Richard and myself have all been going to Urban Chuck Wagon Wild Beard for Wild Beard’s supremely delicious salt and pepper ribs. It’s a small little restaurant in Minoh with a wooden counter surrounded on three sides by wooden benches. It has a Western theme and it’s incredible how right it’s done — fish lures hanging off of decorative tree branches, cowboy paraphernalia, ceramic beer mugs with portraits of various animals of the American wilderness printed onto them, etc.. Wild Beard himself (who does have a beard, though it’s well trimmed) wears a double-button Civil War era type of shirt, sometimes with a black leather vest. It’s genuinely hard to find the kind of really good American style food that he cooks anywhere in the U.S. anymore since it’s rare to find single-proprietor restaurants that can make it serving American standards. Wild Beard manages to get it just right, however. The ribs are cooked in cast iron skillets with lids and you get the whole skillet when your order is up. When you’ve gnawed the rib down to the bone, W.B. will pull out a torch and brown what’s left of the meat on the bone and then you can finish it off. Simply a great place.


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