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A picture of my father playing two bamboo marimbas that he built. My father out at the house on Eastman Lane that we used to rent. He’s standing under one of the cherry-plum trees that we used to eat incessant fruit off of during the summer time. A photo of my father playing one of […]

My good friend Jerry Rapp recently sent me a copy of his tribute to my father. Jerry and my father shared a chicken coop that had been divided in half and converted into studio space. My father rented one half — Studio Um, his “place of light and sound” — and Jerry rents the other […]

Yesterday there was a warning about the possibility of there being a typhoon warning, but the typhoon never quite hit. However, we have had splendid high winds for the last couple of days and this is nice because it’s cooled things down a little. Today I enjoyed walking around in light rain and heavy wind, […]

cicada buzz-saw


So I woke up yesterday morning wondering why my alarm was so quiet. It took me a few seconds, but then I realized that the only reason the alarm sounded quiet was because the cicadas had gotten so loud that there was actually the danger that they might drown out the sound of the alarm. […]

shonen knife!


9 July, 2005 Naoko Yamano, the guitarist for Shonen Knife, is an Osaka native, and Atsuko Yamano, the bassist, is from Nara, right around the corner. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but apparently there’s some numerology involving the Japanese pronunciation of the word “knife” (that would be “naifu”) so every year around the […]

3 July, 2005 About a month ago one of my first-year students was selling tickets to a few of the other students at the end of class, so I walked over and asked him what kind of event he was selling tickets for. Although the English of the students in this class is generally at […]

semi no uta


It’s truly summer here now, hot and as humid as the most humid August days in New York City. The cicadas are singing their evening songs, thrumming.