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On August 2, Aya-san and I went to Osaka’s Kaiyukan (海遊館), one of the premier aquariums in the world. So premier that it actually has an enormous central tank that holds a genuine whale shark (of course, there’s an aquarium in Okinawa with TWO whale sharks). The layout of the Kaiyukan is really interesting. The […]

On July 28th, Four Flea Circus came to Osaka to play at The Bridge, a musicians’ collective located in the Shinsekai area of Osaka, which is kind of a cross between Coney Island and Amsterdam. Shinsekai is the site of one of Japan’s early modern entertainment districts, Luna Park, the Shinsekai Amusement Grounds. The original […]

I don’t usually like to take up too much time posting links that have already appeared on bigger, better, far more popular sites, but here are two links that I think are particularly interesting. This Spartan Life is a “talk show” that takes place in the virtual game environment of Halo 2, an on-line game […]

The other evening I took the JR line to Kobe to meet Loren Goodman, who is moving back to the United States, for a kind of good-bye dinner. Loren is a fantastic poet, and was a student of my grandfather’s, which was how he was introduced to me (more posts about hanging out with Loren […]

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My dad’s very old friend, fellow Kansas City avant-jazz musician Noah Young (formerly Richard Youngstein), has sent me several late-60s articles from the Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Dispatch regarding my dad’s career as a jazz musician in the Kansas City area. These are real rarities and I thought I would reproduce the […]

26 July, 2005 I met Ayako Matsukawa a few weeks ago at Shot Bar Orugan (named after the ancient organ in the stairwell) when I was out with Murakami-sensei one Friday night. Aya-san is a trumpet player and a member of the orchestra at Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, where she studies music. Although […]

Credit: Scanned by Cain DeVore. Taken by Trane DeVore. My good friend Daedalus Howell, who often writes for the San Francisco Chronicle, recently penned a story about my father which ran in the Friday edition. The text is as follows: Innovator created new sounds, instruments — Darrell DeVore, apostle of Universal Music, fused ‘primitive spirit,’ […]