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Sometime in latish August before Anne’s research grant ran out and she had to return to Montreal, I can’t remember precisely when now because my memory is becoming vague in the mists of time, we ended up having a fine day of (somewhat inadvertent) Osaka flaneurie. The plan was to spend the day at Banpaku […]

yodogawa hanabi


6 August, 2005 After an early dinner, Aya-san and I headed over to Juso station so we could get a good seat for the fireworks. Even though Yodogawa Hanabi is just one of dozens of fireworks festivals that happen in the Kansai area during the summer, it’s one of the more popular offerings and several […]

Last night I took the train to Kobe to meet with Hiromi-san, a plastic surgeon who lives in Kurashiki, about two hours south of Osaka. We met to go over a paper that she’s publishing soon in English called, “Do Congenital melanocytic nevi and Nevus spilus Follow the Lines of Blaschko? : An Examination of […]

return flight


I’m finally back in Osaka after having been away for almost a month. It’s nice to be home, although when I stepped off the plane I immediately began to sweat because, amazingly, it seems to be precisely as hot and humid now as it was when I first set off for the States. The traumatic […]



I’m back in the United States for the time being, and will be posting only sporadically. This is true of photos as well — expect an enormous freefall of photos and posts when I get back. In the meantime, here’s an account of my bus ride to the airport. Of course, soon after I arrived […]