the lines of blaschko


Last night I took the train to Kobe to meet with Hiromi-san, a plastic surgeon who lives in Kurashiki, about two hours south of Osaka. We met to go over a paper that she’s publishing soon in English called, “Do Congenital melanocytic nevi and Nevus spilus Follow the Lines of Blaschko? : An Examination of 200 Cases.” Apparently the lines of Blaschko is a very rare pattern of skin discoloration that makes one look something like a zebra. Hiromi-san has promised that she’ll send me a picture one of these days.

In any case, Hiromi and I ended up eating at a Vietnamese restaurant called, mysteriously, Vietnam Frog. The food was good, but the atmosphere was better. The entrance to the restaurant is a kind of outdoor hall with running streams on either side that are saturated with decorative lily pads and blooming lotus flowers (cloth, of course, lit from below, of course). There is also a large reclining wooden frog, precisely in the position of a reclining Buddha figure. Inside, the perimeter of the bar is defined by soft-glow paper lanterns, an atmospherics that is complimented by the liquid, bendable sound of whatever that Vietnamese instrument that I like so much is called.

After dinner, on the walk back to the train, I passed by what has to be my favorite name for a clothing store ever — Tweedmath. I defy anyone to create a greater, geekier name for a clothing store than Tweedmath.


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