graduate studies


I’ve just finished watching 茶の味 (Cha no Aji, or The Taste of Tea), an incredible and delightful film by Ishii Katsuhito that involves, among other things, a young girl who is shadowed by her enormous double; a yakuza member who is buried alive but survives thanks to the help of two otaku who have been filming their DIY giant robot movie; a short but brilliant animation sequence (Ishii was in charge of the animation for Kill Bill as well); and a highschool Go club member who has a train emerge from his forhead to indicate the intensity of his love for the new girl. It’s lengthy, but I was totally enthralled for the full 2.5 hr. running time, even without subtitles.

After the movie was finished I decided to do just a little bit of channel surfing and, since it was starting to get into that Sunday night late night television slot here, I came across an advertisement for television university: “Graduate Studies in the Air.” Too true, isn’t it?

If you don’t know Midnight Eye and you’re interested in Japanese film, then you definitely need to spend some time with this site. It generally includes fantastic interviews, as well as articles and reviews written by smart people who know what they’re talking about.

Link to the Midnight Eye review of A Taste of Tea

Link to a Midnight Eye interview with Ishii Katsuhito


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