the black pot: dutch oven restaurant

A new restaurant just opened in Ishibashi called Black Pot: Dutch Oven Restaurant. The Black Pot is a kind of offshoot of Urban Chuckwagon Wild Beard in Minoh. Aji-san, the owner of Wild Beard, helped in the design and construction of the Black Pot with its perfectly finished woodwork and incredible attention to detail. Like Wild Beard, the Black Pot feels just like the kind of Western saloon that it’s almost impossible to find in the United States any more. The food is incredible (cooked in cast-iron pans, a la Wild Beard), there are antler lamps all over, and you can hear Ralph Stanley, Willie Nelson, and Alison Krauss on the stereo. And there’s a Tony Lama sticker on the toilet tank. Last time we were there, the owner of the Black Pot served us up hickory smoked bacon, cheese, and cashews from the smoker outside.
Here’s Richard at the Black Pot, listening attentively to Bob’s hand. Note the antler lamps on the wall, the finely crafted board-plank walls, and the table we’re sitting at, which was made from a single, spectacularly grained piece of wood.
The owner of the Black Pot. The bar is beautifully crafted and plenty spacious. There’s a pretty supreme bourbon selection as well.
Richard stops outside the Mini Mini to ponder the meaning of it all. Luckily, his Black Pot is full.

2 Responses to “the black pot: dutch oven restaurant”

  1. 1 Lynn

    The restaurant sounds exciting! I will soon be arriving and living in Toyonaka for the next year. I’ll have to read through some of your posts to get ideas for things to see.

    Yep, I’ll be an American working doing engineer work for a Japanese chemical company.

  2. 2 Trane DeVore

    Well, I hope you enjoy your stay in Toyonaka, which is actually quite a nice part of Osaka to live in. It has some 300,000 people, so it has an interesting urban suburb kind of feel, and if you’re near a train line (which you probably are) it’s very convenient to get to Kobe, Kyoto, or Nara. I’ve really enjoyed living here so far, and I had next to no Japanese when I got here. One does have trouble reading a menu though . . .

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