dream: 20 october


I’m with Richard walking through some grape fields in Greece. The grape fields are located on the edge of a blue bay that arcs off into the distance. The day is cool, but dusty, and the air smells good. Richard asks me if I’m teaching and I tell him that I am and then he asks me what period it is. When I tell him that I’m teaching second period he points out that there’s only ten minutes left until class begins. At this point I panic since the school is at the far end of the bay, well out of sight. I think about taking the train, but realize that I’ll never get there in time. Even though there are only dirt roads in the area where we area standing, there are several cabs going by. I decide to hail a cab and stand by the dirt road with my arms waving, but all the cabs are full and no one is stopping. Later in the dream I realize that I’ve completely missed my class and I’m a bit panicked about what might happen. This is an especially frustrating dream because I keep waking up from it, realizing that I have plenty of time left to sleep before class begins, and then as soon as I fall back asleep the dream starts again, I panic about the missed class, and I wake up uneasily to realize that I have plenty of time left to sleep until I have to get ready for class. Ad infinitum.


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