nara, redux!

On Tuesday the 15th, J. and I took off for Nara to see the Shoso-in treasures, which are only shown twice a year at the Nara National Museum. Unfortunately for us, the last day of the show was on the 14th, so instead of seeing the Shoso-in treasures, we decided to walk around Kofukuji, and Todaiji. Somewhere along the line the J. managed to transform Kofukuji into “Tofurkyji,” which brings to mind an enormous, reclining, faux bird carcass, perhaps in bronze, housed appropriately somewhere on the temple grounds. After feeding the deer (de rigeur!) we trooped off to Todaiji to view the Daibutsu, and then cruised back into Nara for some touristy shopping along the shotengai. We didn’t really end up buying much — aside from a coffee at a coffee shop with a German poster of a Breathless-era Belmondo staring out at us and smoking — though I did pick up a cold-weather cap with “Daisy Meat Products” emblazoned all around, since it’s getting cold! cold! cold! at night here.
The pagoda at Kofukuji. Apparently this is the second tallest pagoda in Japan.
The main hall at Kofukuji.
J. feeding the deer.
The entry gate at Todaiji.
The Daibutsuden.
The Arhat or ascetic figure outside of the Daibutsuden.
Lion-dog on the path to Nigatsu-do and Sangatsu-do halls.
A small shrine on the path to Nigatsu-do and Sangatsu-do halls.

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