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On December 15th I met up with my colleagues in the Osaka Daigaku teacher’s union for a bonenkai (忘年会) party. “Bonenkai” translates as something like “forget the year,” and pretty much every organization has a bonenkai party toward the end of the year. There’s something incredibly cathartic about about this type of “putting the past […]

On the second of December, J.’s friend Dan Nishimoto, who was in Japan to see his relatives, came to visit us in Osaka for a couple of days. Dan (who’s name is pronounced ‘Don,’ as in Don Corleone) used to work at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, but he now spends most of his time […]

It’s a Godzilla movie from 1989, which means it’s well out of the classic zone for Godzilla movies and well into the phase where what’s interesting about the films is the negotiation between faithfulness to the genre and the need to modernize action/effects for a contemporary audience. What really matters in this movie, however, is […]

Sometime around eleven at night, J-Com channel 602 (i.e. Mondo21) becomes a fine purveyor of some of the strangest pornographic television shows that I’ve ever seen. The usual stock in trade consists of some kawaii young woman in a bikini walking up and down the beach and giggling while the camera ogles her from various […]

While J. was away in Taiwan, I went to see Múm play at Club Quattro. Múm (pronounced “MooM”) is an(other) Icelandic band that creates ethereal soundscapes that are a blend of acoustic instrumentation, electronic sound production, and crystalline vocal harmonics. From the FatCat records website: Since former member Gyda Valtysdóttir left the band in September […]