tsutenkaku tower


Tsutenkaku Tower — literally the “Tower Connected to Heaven” — was built in 1912 in Shinsekai’s Luna Park, an amusement park that was one of Japan’s early symbols of modernization/Westernization. Shinsekai, which means “new world,” was designed as a pleasure zone around the turn of the century, and Tsutenkaku was at its center. The original Tsutenakaku Tower had a base that resembled the Arc de Triomphe, with a tower resembling the Eiffel Tower perched on top of it. It was destroyed by U.S. bombing during WWII, and then rebuilt “by the people of Osaka,” in 1956. According to the propaganda, “Hitachi has provided the neon for Tsutenakaku, the tower symbol of Osaka, continuously since 1957, and will continue to shine brightly for Osaka’s dazzling future.” Hitachi also has come up with my favorite corporate slogan: “Inspire the Next.”

Perhaps the coolest thing about Tsutenkaku, however, is not the fact that it lights up at night, all neon like, but the fact that the circular lights that crown the tower change color to indicate tomorrow’s weather forecast. If you live within viewing distance of the tower, you only have to look out your window to know that orange/blue indicates clouds and rain, while orange/white indicates clouds and clear.


2 Responses to “tsutenkaku tower”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    trane, your blog is as dense as pound cake! jesus man you are insane. that and you are the best photog that’s a “writer” i have ever seen///


  2. 2 Trane DeVore

    There’s just about only one person I know who can claim to be “Brain,” so I’ll thank you very much for your kind comments Brian. And probably the blog is only as dense as a poundcake because I myself am as dense as a poundcake. Or is my brain more like some fluffy angelfood cake? Sometimes I forget.

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