yamada violinistas


One thing about my bachelor life in Japan that really hit home the other day is how little time I spend hanging around with kids anymore. Richard, Michelle, and I were invited by our colleague Yamada-sensei to have lunch at his house with his wife and two children. We were served an incredible lunch (Yamada-sensei’s wife is a mind-blowingly good cook), we drank a good deal of delicious red wine, and then Yamada-san’s children played some duets for us. It was quite a wonderful time, and in the midst of it I suddenly realized that this is only the second time I’ve hung out with kids since I’ve been in Japan. So many of my friends back in the States have kids at this point that I’d become used to having a climate of children within proximity, and I guess having no children around has kind of snuck up on me. A bit like that little New Year baby who crawls up and pulls on the hem of Old Man Outgoing Year’s clothy toga. In any case: kids — they’re fun to hang around!


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