ueno koen: ueno animals


These steel-structure animals, painted white, are meant as advertisements for the Ueno Zoo, but for some reason they just seem to demand an apostrophe or two. I’ll start with the elephant:

O, elephant! I had a case of the monkeys once too. I recommend that you blast the Nile River out of your nose and then will fall a pink, pink cloud of Pepto anti-monkey medicine! Then talk subsonic to your companions through your feet, and spread the cure.

O, monkey, monkey! Why do you creep forward so stealthily? If you were in Minoh, I would call you ‘saru’ and you would steel my wallet to feed into the vending machine and drink a cool, cold, Calpis. The leaves turn red and truncate splashes into Minoh pool.

O, mini- gorilla! O, maxi- ground squirrels! Why are you hanging out together, in such unconditional friendship? Perhaps the ground squirrels like the gorilla because he “waves his hands in the air like he just don’t care.” Or perhaps the gorilla likes the squirrels because they are “doing the Cabbage-patch.” The gorilla is climbing imaginary vines. The squirrels are digging imaginary holes.

O, strangeness! The bear is doing a funny dance! It gives me a feeling inside.

O, floating anteater, with your shuffling gate! Please do not float, crashing into the tree, or you may explode like the Hindenburg, showering us with ants that will drape our shoulders like feather boas.


One Response to “ueno koen: ueno animals”

  1. 1 Damion Searls

    Every Time I See Elephants I Think of the Punic Wars–Especially the Battle of Zama

    Observe their nearly temple-like construction.
    Their tolerance tends to have its limits.
    Offended dignity erupts abruptly.

    Ask Hannibal: elephants,
    elephants themselves Carthaginian,
    conquered Carthage.

    You see, were it not for the elephants
    this page would not exist
    the English language
    …nor the West).

    –Jose Emilio Pacheco, trans. Margaret Sayers Peden, from An Ark for the Next Millennium

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