karaoke in minoh


The other night my friend Hisashi-san, who I met at the Hartland, invited me to meet him and a few other people at an izakaya in Minoh. It turned out that one of the people we met up with, Kenji is a graduate student in the Graduate School of Language and Culture, where I teach. Takahiro-san was once a student at Handai but is now a lawyer, Aya-san studied fitness in New Zealand for three years, and Yumiko-san went to art school and now works for an insurance company. After the izakaya we went out to karaoke. The photos below illustrate a pretty typical karaoke night in Japan.

Aya and Kenji drink coffee to prepare for a long night of singing. A strange woman joins the proceedings televideopathically.

It looks like the caffeine has kicked in.

Hisashi-san sings his heart out while Aya watches.

It’s true — when the cameras come out in Japan, the vees go up. It’s Yumiko-san!

Takahiro looks on suspiciously while Kenji sings.

This was completely unintentional, but it’s like we’re synchronized swimmers here! Hisashi-san, Yumiko-san, and myself.


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