transcendental body of aspic


I was talking on the phone to J. today and came up with perhaps my best idea ever: An aspic-based “Visible Man” (or woman!). It would be just like the Skilcraft toy which lets you see the major human organs through the hard shell of a transparent plastic body, but in this case the organs would be real! The first thing to do, of course, would be to get a human-shaped mold. Pour the aspic in the mold and, before it cools, insert edible organs. There are the easy and obvious ones — a chicken heart for the human heart, various types of livers and kidneys, and of course a coolio coil of intestines right in the middle. And then there’s the creative bits. I like the idea of putting chicken hands in where the actual hands should be, and perhaps using small pig’s feet for the human feet (so delicate and fine and pointy — like ballerina feet!). In a pinch you could use de-shelled lobster claws instead of chicken feet for the hands if you had to. Of course, fish eyes are de rigueur, and I love the idea of using canned pigs’ brains (which you can still find in the South) for ye olde center of consciousness. In fact, my friend Doug used to have a stack of canned pigs’ brains on his kitchen table — he often used to make scrambled eggs with brains until he discovered that each small can contained something like 1300% of the daily recommended cholesterol intake. I personally would use aspic made from beef, though any neutral gelatin flavored with meat stock would do.

(Thanks to ms oddgers for providing this image.)


One Response to “transcendental body of aspic”

  1. 1 laurel

    you could do it in gummy, too, and get kids to study anatomy while they chew away. i tried a sesos taco at the corner taco window a while back, convinced that it was only cultural conditioning that made me think that brains are gross – really they must be quite tasty, so many people do eat them.
    naw, they’re fucking disgusting.

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