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The Osaka University street dance club is always ready for a party. Advertisements

night comets


Here are two photographs of the cherry blossoms at Machikaneyama campus at night. I had to take quite a few to get these — the wind was blowing and it was difficult to keep my hand from moving, so many of the shots came out blurry. But these two came out just fine. I think […]

Osaka University’s Machikaneyama Campus, where I teach, is populated with cherry trees. The trees blossom just before the term begins and students hold blossom-viewing parties under the trees. The Osaka University Graduate School of Language and Culture also holds an annual ohanami party under a tree that is the subject of at least two of […]

Of course I’m about three weeks behind on my entries here at troutfactory, but that’s what happens when a new semester begins. In any case, this entry will be the first in a string of entries related to ohanami (blossom-viewing) season. During the beginning of ohanami in Osaka, I took the train up to Minoh […]

sakura tunnel


Here’s a small gallery of photographs taken in Minoh along a beautiful, sakura-lined street that Yumiko took me to see. The trees were in full blossom and the tunnel effect of the branches overhanging the road produced a sense of brilliant snow environment. These trees are so old that many of them are held up […]

The day after Tomo’s wedding I checked out of the Shinagawa Prince and down to Shinegawa Station where I met Kobachan and Tarokun, both former members of the Osaka Daigaku photo club. They live in Tokyo now where Kobachan works as an X-ray technician and Tarokun works as a network administrator. More importantly, they are […]

On April the first — that would be April Fool’s Day (very appropriate, Tomo) — my friend Tomo and his fiancée, Mariko, got married at the Hotel Okura in Tokyo. Tomo is a longtime friend — in fact, we’ve been friends since high school when he arrived in his junior year as a foreign exchange […]