sakura tunnel


Here’s a small gallery of photographs taken in Minoh along a beautiful, sakura-lined street that Yumiko took me to see. The trees were in full blossom and the tunnel effect of the branches overhanging the road produced a sense of brilliant snow environment. These trees are so old that many of them are held up by concrete ‘cores’ that have been poured inside the spaces of their aging trunks in order to give them greater strength.


2 Responses to “sakura tunnel”

  1. 1 ill man

    Trane, that first photo is fantastic. The trees with the concrete in them………….astonishing.

  2. 2 Trane DeVore

    Thanks! The concrete trees were really surprising. We didn’t even realize that many of the trees had concrete inside until we were admiring one of them up close with our hands on the trunk and we started wondering why this particular section of tree was so smooth and cold. My guess is that, since the skin of the tree is where it has most of its life, the cores of these old trees were attacked, or simply rotted out, and have been replaced with concrete so that the living skin of the trees still has something to hang on to!

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