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In the last part of April, I went to the Osaka National Museum of Art with my friends Ida-san and Vava-san to see the Sigmar Polke exhibit, which was really great. The pieces on display were from Polke’s own collection and personally chosen by him as representative of his life and work, which is a […]

our meiji life


This photo was taken by Bob Perkins a million years ago when Bob, Richard, and I were taking a tour of the basement restaurant area at the Umeda Sky Building. Which just happens to take the early Meiji period as its theme. Hence our outstanding outfits. Actually, I think that Richard looks quite handsome decked […]

Since I’d only been to Kasuga-jinja during winter, I hadn’t realized what a beautiful spot it was for blossom viewing. Unfortunately I only arrived to take pictures toward the end of the blossom-viewing season, and though there were still quite a few blossoms on the trees, the ground was already thick in a cloud-blanket of […]

night sakura


One of the greatest pleasures of cherry blossom season is wandering around at night and finding the bunches and clusters of blossoms illuminated by artificial light. Although there are many places where this is done on purpose and the trees are spotlit and gorgeous, in other places it’s just the streetlights and fluorescents that do […]

On Monday, 10 April, my dear, dear friend erin and her sister Ann came for a visit. Since they were going to be going to Vietnam, they decided to make a stop in Japan in order to take a crazy bus tour. And it truly must have been a crazy bus tour, since they ended […]

Sometime in April (I can’t quite remember the date now) I took the train down to Okayama to meet my friend Hiromi for a stroll through Korakuen, which is rated as one of Japan’s top three stroll gardens. The last time I was there, with my friend Lea, it was pouring down rain and we […]

After strolling through Korakuen, Hiromi and I walked up to Okayamajo, which was quite a different place in blossom than it was in the driving rain which Lea and I had had to walk through last time I visited the castle. Since Hiromi and I were busy concentrating on the cherry blossoms, I didn’t end […]