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Since Tomo was busy on Sunday, Jess and I spent our last day in Tokyo wandering around Meiji-jingu and Harajuku. Since I’ve written about Meiji-jingu before, I won’t spend much time on it here, other than to say it was a beautiful day and quite crowded with people. On the way back from the main […]

We spent our last night in Tokyo cruising the streets in Tomo’s Citroën. It’s been a long time since I’ve cruised in a car with friends, doing not much but just listening to music and talking and moving from place to place. In Japan I almost always use public transportation, and even when I do […]



After spending the early part of the day in Akihabara, Jess, Tomo, and I headed to Nakano, another node for Tokyo subculture. The center of Nakano’s subculture is the Broadway(ブロードウェイ)building, which contains a stunning array of shops that specialize in used/collectible manga, figurines, limited edition and handmade items (especially t-shirts), and counterculture matériel. Most of […]

maid café


Maid cafés in Japan have experienced a recent boom in popularity, primarily because of an increasing interest in otaku culture by the popular media. Maid cafés, also known as “maid kisa” (from “kissaten,” the Japanese word for café), or “meido café” (“meido” is the pronunciation of ‘maid’ in Japanese). These cafés feature young women dressed […]

tomo life


Of course, since Jess and I had gotten no sleep the night before, we were really exhausted and after an early evening at Akihabara we really had no energy to do anything except go back to Tomo’s place in Sendagi. Tomo’s wife Mariko prepared the most delicious niku-jaga (um, that would be “meat and potatoes” […]



After an easy shinkansen ride up to Tokyo, through which Jess remained rather passed out the entire time, we made our way to Sendagi where we met up with Tomo. Tomo very kindly let us rest up and refresh ourselves, and then we took off for Akihabara, a must see on Jess’s tourist agenda since […]

My friend Yoko, who is studying film in the UK, came back for a visit during Golden Week, so, after taking the train back from Kyoto, Jess and I met up with her and her friends for a night of drinking and karaoke. We started out at some izakaya in the Kitashinchi area of Umeda […]