kyoto: chawan-zaka


The approach to Kiyomizudera is known as the Chawan-zaka, or “Teapot Lane,” because it’s lined with shops selling, among other things, teapots and other tea-related items. You can also buy local delicacies like sembe (crackers), tsukemono (pickles), and wagashi (tea sweets). The street food is outstanding and I really wish that Jess and I had more time to simply stroll. Much of the Higashiyama area is a preservation district and the major streets, which are paved with stones, are lined with classic wooden buildings, shops, teahouses, and restaurants. I imagine this area is at its most enticing in the cool Autumn months, or as dusk falls.

Of course, Kyoto is also awash in the ubiquitous bobble-head geisha, their faces bowing up and down eternally, attempting to draw customers inside.


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