osaka karaoke party


My friend Yoko, who is studying film in the UK, came back for a visit during Golden Week, so, after taking the train back from Kyoto, Jess and I met up with her and her friends for a night of drinking and karaoke. We started out at some izakaya in the Kitashinchi area of Umeda where we drank far too much shochu, and then we made our way to somewhere else for karaoke. Like reverse vampires, we only reappeared when the sun came out, which gave Jess and I just enough time for about three hours of sleep before grabbing a train to Tokyo.

I think somebody slipped something into this bottle. Perhaps it was shochu. Jess displays the evidence.

Group photo somewhere on the way to karaoke.

At some point we stumbled past this robo-kani. The next day we found several pictures on Jess’s camera of Jess and I standing arm-in-arm beneath the crab, but we’re not quite sure how they got there.

It’s true — karaoke is more fun than a poke in the eye!

When you open the pizza box, all of the karaoke comes out.

I think the photo above may be my favorite photo of the lot. Judging by the red that’s seeping from my eyes, I would guess that this photo was taken at precisely 4:23 a.m.

Yoko, looking contented and amused.


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