harajuku cosplay pudolls


The bridge that connects Meiji-jingu and Harajuku is a famous spot for Sunday cosplay meetings. Cosplayers gather here to check each others’ costumes out, hang out, and take photos of each other. The cosplayers that were out on the Sunday that Jess and I were in Tokyo were primarily dressed as members of their favorite Visual Kei bands, though there were some (I think) completely original costumes, including an incredible costume worn by a girl that consisted of an elephant face mask, and an elephant mask wrapped around the waist, the trunk standing in for a not-so-subtle phallus. Unfortunately she was a bit too shy for photography, but her friends certainly weren’t. Since cosplay is so much about display, most cosplayers in Harajuku are willing to pose for photographs, though of course one should remember that the cosplayers are there for each other and not for culture tourists. My favorite costume has to be the matching “Pudolls” featured in the photograph at the top of this entry. Please note the gloriously mismatched knee socks.

Apparently these girls are cosplaying as members of Psycho Le Cemu, a Visual Kei band.

More Psycho Le Cemu. What I like most about this shot is the way their peaked hats mimic the top of the building in the background.

These cosplayers are dressed as members of Gazette and Antique Cafe.

Two girls in pretty standard gothic lolita wear. Note the rolling luggage — many cosplayers, maids, and goth lolitas carry these with them. Because most cosplayers are young people who still live at home, they often leave home wearing their street clothes, and then change into their costumes later.

One of my very favorite costumes — a perfect example of a gothic lolita outfit.


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