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I’ve written about Niseuo here and here, so I don’t want to go repeating myself. I’ll simply keep it short and mention, again, that Niseuo — which means “False Fish” in Japanese — is one of the greatest, maddest, most massively surreal free jazz ensembles on the planet. And punked out too, in the sense that […]

takeno beach


Since autumn is here and I’m just about to start teaching again, I thought I would revisit the glories of summer. Sometime in July, Yo-chan and I took the train to Takeno Hama, which is on the Nihonkai (Japan Sea) side of the island. It was a pretty long train ride — three hours each way […]

25 July, 2006 As I wrote last year: Tenjin Matsuri is one of Japan’s three largest festivals and over a million people attend the closing day celebrations, which are accompanied by a display of thousands of fireworks that continues for several hours into the night. This matsuri is a two day event, centered at Tenmangu […]

On the 17th of July, my friend Ida-kun and I took the train to Suita City to see the Osaka University Student Symphony perform Shubert’s Rosamunde, Beethoven’s Symphony No.1, and Dvorak’s Symphony No.8. Dvorak’s 8th was especially splendid and received a well-deserved standing ovation. The symphony performed in a building that is probably called “The […]