doves in suita city


On the 17th of July, my friend Ida-kun and I took the train to Suita City to see the Osaka University Student Symphony perform Shubert’s Rosamunde, Beethoven’s Symphony No.1, and Dvorak’s Symphony No.8. Dvorak’s 8th was especially splendid and received a well-deserved standing ovation.

The symphony performed in a building that is probably called “The Suita City Community Performing Arts Center,” or something like that. The interior of the main building is defined by large open spaces that are arranged according to level. Each of the open spaces inside the building has its own mechanized sculptural elements, all in view of one another, which creates a sense of quiet mobility. The large white doves in the downstairs area clearly thematize peace, and the clouds and rain on the other levels suggest the realm of the natural.

Here’s the dove and cloud sculpture in the downstairs area. Even though I initially named the photograph above “dove mural,” what we have here is clearly a dove mobile.

A closer view of the doves.

The upstairs area is defined by a wire-mesh cloud form that orbits slowly across the ceiling space, creating a moving background of shadows on the walls.

These metal forms live underneath a stationary wire-mesh fountain cloud that rains continuously. The rain, in turn, causes the forms to spin slowly. In a sense, they resemble cranes, dipping into and out of the water.

Finally there’s this sculpture, which is located near the entrance of the performing arts center. It reminds me of socialist sculpture, but with children rather than workers. Gives hope for a green world.


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