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Considering the Jakuchu revival that’s going strong in Japan, there are surprisingly few images available on line, and those that are available are not very illustrative of Jakuchu’s painterly ingenuity. Ito Jakuchu, whose last name means “like the void” (it was taken from the Tao Te Ching), was a mid-Edo period Japanese Eccentric painter who […]

A few weeks ago I got a call from my friend Marié of Four Flea Circus fame. Marié is living in Japan for the year while she does research for her dissertation (which involves Ryukyu Islands music and chindon) and she called me up from Osaka, where she’d been staying for a couple of days. […]

After a hard day of porchin’ it, Jess and I met met up with my old friend Rachel Costa and her husband Jamal, who I was meeting for the first time. Rachel and I go way back to the days of dusk-till-dawn DIY P-town discotheques, and the last time I had a chance to see […]

One of the most productive days I spent back in the States was my day of doing nothing except sitting on a blanket in the front yard of my friend Jason’s house, drinking beer, eating, and talking with Jason and Alenna, Jess and Lea, Dirk and Nichole, Brien and his dog, Jason’s dog Kimba, and […]

Portland is a city with a real DIY ethos at its heart, as well as one of the few West Coast cities left that hasn’t abandoned the notion of nomadic thrift reappropriation and given over completely to the model of the ‘vintage’ clothing boutique. The major difference between these two modes, of course, is the […]

I flew into Portland on the 4th of September and was met at the airport by my friends Jess, Lea, and Jason, as well as Jason’s son Jude, who I was meeting for the first time. After hellos, I headed back to Jess and Lea’s place where I would stay for the remainder of my […]

My friends Takae and Shinobu recently moved back from England where they’ve been studying for the last year, and immediately life is more fun than it already was. Recently we went out for dinner together at an amazing robatayaki restaurant next to Umeda Station. The robatayaki grill-chef was astounding — he had some sort of […]