koto waza


Tonight at the Hartland, I not only learned that the Hartland was going to be moving to a new (and closer!) location in November, but I also learned all about koto waza, a phrase that can be roughly translated as “Japanese sayings.”

Here are my favorite three:

1) If someone is saying or doing something that makes absolutely no sense, you can say “Neko ni koban.” This can be translated as “It’s like giving money to a cat.” So, the next time some TSA ‘officer’ decides to take your liquids to save you from a type of bomb attack that’s been determined to be pretty near physically impossible, you can mutter “neko ni koban” under your breath. Prepare to be interrogated.

2) A similar phrase is “Uma no mimi ni nembutsu,” which can be translated as “Praying into the ears of a horse.” Which is pretty similar to “Fighting the war on terror there, so we don’t have to fight it here.” I don’t know about you, but I miss my liquids.

3) And finally, my favorite of all favorites: “Osoi shigoto wa ushi demo dekiru.” This basically means “You work as slow as a cow.” A bas les vaches!


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