osaka daigaku shashin-bu exhibit


A few days after I got back from the States, I went with Yo-chan and Ega-kun to see the Osaka Daigaku Photography Club exhibit. They hold a few exhibits a year, and I really wanted to go to the last one but didn’t end up being able to make it. This year the exhibit was in a small gallery — discovered by the ever-vigilant Suganuma-kun — somewhere in (I think) Higashi Umeda. I’ve become friends with a number of the members and former members of the Shashin-bu, and it was really nice to get a chance to see their work, which was, across the board, stunning.

By the way, that’s Tohn in the photo up top, with a series of photographs he took in Europe. Primarily in Greece, I think.

Ega-kun shows off the book of portraits that he compiled for the show. Five years worth of work.

I hadn’t seen Akita-kun for a million years, so I was unbelievably happy to see him and his girlfriend Ai. Akita has a new camera too — a Bessaflex with a 50mm Zeiss lens. Tasty.

Here’s Suganuma-kun with one of the two series that he had in the show. This one is called “hibiki II.” Or perhaps “hibiki IV.” In any case, “hibiki” means ‘echo.’ These were originally shot in black and white and color was added later in the studio.

Yo-chan shoots me shooting him. Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

Mai-chan gives it up with her best toothpick face and so cool gangster look.

Here’s Mai-chan’s New York photo with — of course! — a giant Shepherd Fairey “OBEY!” poster in the left foreground.

I also hadn’t seen Eguchi-kun for a long time. He was rocking a truckload of hand-detailed threads and wearing a glass pendant made by a friend of his.

Ega-kun shooting with an Olympus Pen. This camera makes the softest, most delicate, shutter sounds. Each time the shutter closes there is a small, mechanical lullaby.


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