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I recently had a really nice visit from Billy and Pete, two friends from Australia. I knew Billy only through my flickr account, and I had never had any contact with his friend Pete before, but I was really excited to meet Billy because I’d been following his incredible photography for a long time and I was looking forward to shooting some frames with him. Billy and Pete were on vacation in Japan for about two weeks and we caught up in Osaka. On our first night out we cruised around Umeda, had dinner, visited Tenjin Shrine, and ended up spending some time drinking at a Moomin-themed snack bar. The only thing that you can follow a Moomin-themed snack with is the requisit trip to the Criston Café, which Billy and Pete both loved.

Unfortunately, I actually had to work while they were here, so I let them to visit Tsutenkaku and Osaka-jo on their own and I met back up with them after work for some wanderings in the Dotombori. We ate okonomiyaki at my favorite okonomiyaki stand and took photos of the fiberglass mascots and marveled at the Donki Wonder Wheel. We also wandered around America-mura for awhile, and through the love hotel alleys. My favorite new love hotel name? The Hotel Otoboke Beaver, of course.

It’s funny how kind of familiar it was to hang out with Billy and Pete — I guess perhaps there’s a certain kind of ‘photographer personality’ that makes itself apparent as a certain kind of inquisitiveness and openness to chance, and it was this aspect of Billy and Pete that I felt right at home with. Thanks for the visit guys!

Here’s Pete’s amazing photo of Edo-period Japan.


You can check out Billy’s photostream here.

And here’s Pete’s photostream.

It’s Billy’s blog!

And Billy’s other photostream!


2 Responses to “flickr friends”

  1. 1 FIGURO

    It’s been a great pleasure meeting up with you Trane, and had so much fun hanging out with you around dotombori!! Let me know if you ever come over to Australia and Pete and I will be delighted to show you around what we can offer down under!! Keep in touch!!!

  2. 2 Trane DeVore

    I will definitely let you know if I take a trip to Australia! It was great to meet you and Pete too, Billy — and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch through the images.

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