carnet de route, 26, xantippe


The second issue of carnet de route, an incredible magazine of poetry, graphic design, and photography, has just been released and features about 40 photographs taken by yours truly. carnet de route, which is published in France and contains work in both French and English, is edited by Molly Lou Freeman. Jean-Hugues Bancaud is responsible for the design of the magazine (which is stunning). I received a copy of the first issue in the mail and was unprepared for how beautifully put together it was. The second issue, in my opinion, is even better, with tons of wonderful orange and white and purple and black in a style that’s quite like that of the invitation at the top of the entry. The first issue includes poetry by Brenda Hillman, Rusty Morrison, Carol Snow, Barbara Guest, and Joseph Lease. Joseph is one of my favorite poets, and favorite people, of all time — his book Human Rights is wonderful, but the manuscript for Broken World (forthcoming on Coffee House Press) just knocks my socks off. The second issue of carnet de route includes work by Gillian Conoley, Forrest Gander, Jorie Graham, Fanny Howe, Stephen Ratcliffe, Martha Ronk, and Cole Swensen. Produced in a limited run of 500, carnet de route is probably not available at your local newsstand. If you’re interested in picking up a copy, please direct your inquiry to:

Click here for the carnet de route homepage.

Another fine literary journal that has recently included my work is 26, edited by Avery E. D. Burns, Rusty Morrison, Joseph Noble, Elizabeth Robinson, and Brian Strang. The journal is intended to run for 26 issues (=the number of letters in the alphabet) and is currently on volume E, which includes work by Garrett Caples, Duncan McNaughton, Reed Bye, Jerome Rothenberg, Anselm Hollo, and Kit Robinson. This is from Kit’s poem “The Lit”:

Districts are paragraphs
cities, two-dimensional texts
read from above

They look like silver maps
we don’t have time to read them
the water slams against the rocks

A face appears in the trees
the moon
something we heard said once

The words carry us
we are made of water
the tongue is a boat in our head.

Click here for the 26 homepage (which hasn’t yet been updated to include information about issue E).

You can purchase 26 via Small Press Distribution, one of the greatest literary resources in the universe.

And while we’re talking about great literary journals, why not check out the Xantippe site? Xantippe is edited by Kristen Hanlon and always includes a wealth of great poetry and writing. The second and third issues feature covers shot by myself, and past issues have included poetry by D. A. Powell, Mary Szybist, Kimberly Johnson, Rusty Morrison, John Isles, Arielle Greenberg, Molly Lou Freeman, and wild others.

While I’m running off at the mouth of self-promotion, why not put in plug for my two books as well? Dust Habit, published in 2005 by Avec Books, is my most recent collection of poetry and includes fantastic graphic work by Tessa Lee, who designed the cover, as well as the announcement card (pictured above).

My first book, series/mnemonic, features brilliant cover design by Colleen Barclay, as well as an author photo by the prolific Tessa Lee (who works for Public, a design studio in San Francisco).

You can purchase both of these books from Amazon (including, but why not purchase via Small Press Distribution instead? Or even better, have your local bookstore order a few copies.


2 Responses to “carnet de route, 26, xantippe”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    that is a lovely postcard


  2. 2 Trane DeVore

    Thanks Laurel — I love Tessa’s work too.

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