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Well, it’s the year of the boar this year, and since I’m in Japan it means that it’s the year of the inoshishi, or “wild boar,” not simply the Year of the Pig, as some people like to call it. The year of the boar just happens to be my year as well (you can […]



Recently I did a photo-shoot with 贋魚niseuo, one of the greatest free jazz, punk rock, avant-improvisation groups around. Here are a few of my favorite photos: And here are some links to my entries about Niseuo’s live shows: Niseuo and Four Flea Circus Niseuo, Haizara, Naazi Niseuo, Richy Pompous, Menkerou Manji

Midori Hirano is a piano player and composer who creates an assemblage of dreamy, beautiful, lush and layered sound using a combination of keyboards, computer manipulation, and live instrumentation. The first time I saw Midori play was with RF at Urban Guild in Kyoto. Since that show was so good, I was really looking forward […]

Adam Frank studies avant-garde poetry and teaches at the University of British Columbia, and he recently came to Japan to give a presentation at the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology. According to the WFAE website, “Our members represent a multi-disciplinary spectrum of individuals engaged in the study of the social, cultural and ecological aspects of […]

My friend Marié invited me out to Café Barbes the other night to see Ett, who she described as “my FAVORITE beautiful duo from Nagoya,” as well as a band called Ryukusanburu Koen (more on Ryukusanburu later). The show at Barbes was tremendous, and Ett — Kei on guitar and vocals by Sayuri Nishimoto — […]