Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!


Well, it’s the year of the boar this year, and since I’m in Japan it means that it’s the year of the inoshishi, or “wild boar,” not simply the Year of the Pig, as some people like to call it. The year of the boar just happens to be my year as well (you can stop your snickering, please), and while I was in Kyoto walking up the chawan-zaka with my friend Anne, I happened upon a particularly propitious icon for the new year. Pictured above you can see not only the cutest little boar on the planet earth, but also a ginkgo leaf motif on the ball that the boar is balancing on. Since I teach at Osaka University, and since the ginkgo leaf is the symbol of Osaka University, and since the Year of the Wild Boar is my year, I take this little icon to be a rather good sign for the upcoming twelver.


4 Responses to “Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!”

  1. 1 billy

    Fantastic!! A rather cute wild boar indeed!!! We are going to the australia outback tomorrow, hope you have a great time in Tokyo and Kyoto! Can’t wait to see great pictures in your flickr soon!!

  2. 2 Anne McKnight

    It’s even cuter because in the photo it looks like it’s made of marzipan!

  3. 3 Pamela Neitenbach

    Trane – Hope you had a great New Years!!!

  4. 4 Trane DeVore

    Thanks Billy, Anne, and Pam! Happy New Year to you all too, you beautiful people you.

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