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At Tsukiji


This winter vacation, six friends of mine (six!) came out for a visit — first to Tokyo, and then down to the Kansai area, where I live. Since jet lag is a wonderful thing and WILL get you out of bed so delightfully early in the morning, my friends and I decided that a 5 […]

I’m not sure what it is about hanging out with Anne, but good photographs and fantastic restaurant discoveries always seem to be the result. Anne came out recently to do some research and she stayed at my place when she wasn’t far, far away at the library in Kumano. When Anne wasn’t in Kumano, we […]

I get a lot of questions from friends about my job here in Japan, and lots of requests for “descriptions of everyday life,” so here it goes. I’m currently working at Osaka University in the position of Gaikokujin Kyoshi (which is translated as “Visiting Foreign Lecturer”) in the Graduate School of Language and Culture. The […]

The other night before my winter break started, I went to see the Shirokuma Theatre at Rain Dogs with Marié and friends. What is Shirokuma Theatre, you ask? Shirokuma is ‘polar bear’ in Japanese, but I much prefer the literal translation: “white bear”. White Bear Theatre turned out to be a kind of musical revue […]

It’s now been five years since the first prisoner was interred at Guantánamo Bay by U.S. forces and over 700 prisoners have been held at Camp X-Ray, the disgusting moniker given to what is essentially an illegal concentration camp that has become a legal black hole into which no one is allowed to look. In […]

What better way to start the new year than to recap one of the biggest social events of the last year — the marriage of Daedalus Howell and April Frederick. I suppose it’s taken me so long to get around to writing about this wedding (which took place in September) because I’m still recovering from the […]