My life as a movie soundtrack


This lovely little item comes from my dear friend over at the now defunct *@#&*(@&*$^ (Mojibake) blog.

The instructions:

So, here’s how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

NO CHEATING!!!, it wouldn’t be that fun if you did.

The results:

1) Opening Credits: David Bowie, “Moonage Daydream” (okay, coolest opening credit music ever!)

2) Waking Up: The Beastie Boys, “Namasté” (that works)

3) First Day At School: Faun Fables “Joshua” (this is a saddish song about something Joshua is looking for/needs. guess it fits the first day of school)

4) Falling In Love: Dash Board, “Hell Game” (this is a Japanese band that does kind of punkish/new wave sounding stuff, including a cover of “Rock the Casbah.” I have no idea what they’re saying in “Hell Game,” because they’re singing it in English, but it certainly is the soundtrack that would have been in my head whenever I was busy falling in love in high school)

5) Fight Song: Ernesto Lecuona, “Crisántemo” (um. this is a beautiful solo piano number. I guess i imagine myself fighting in slow motion, maybe with some slo-mo blood splatters a la John Woo)

6) Breaking Up: Refely, “Shine” (ha! ha! this is a dance song with the opening lyric “come on everybody/to the dance floor.” I guess breaking up isn’t so hard to do after all)

7) Prom: Fugazi, “No Surprise” (no comment)

8) Life’s OK: 王菲(Faye Wong), “純情” (this is a really pretty song by Faye Wong. I don’t know what the title means — Google translator gives it as “cachet.” anyway, perfect Life’s OK song)

9) Mental Breakdown: Big Black, “Fish Fry” (I guess Big Black is perfect for mental breakdown)

10) Driving: Neil Young and Crazy Horse, “My Heart” (I guess beautiful and melancholic driving is what’s in store for me in my movie. perhaps I’ll have a giant revelation somewhere down the lonely old I5)

11) Flashback: The Clash, “Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)” (I guess I’m having a flashback to my disaffected revolutionary past? in London? Sandinista!)

12) Getting Back Together: Elvis Presley, “Blue Moon” (Elvis.)

13) Wedding: Guitar Wolf, “UFO Shakin’” (I don’t ever remember looking forward to getting married before this. Of course, the Wolf will be performing live at the wedding)

14) Birth of Child: Fugazi, “Reprovisional” (“that’s the price to pay/hoping every slips not a slide” — that does it! there will be NO children in my movie. my shuffler really likes Fugazi)

15) Final Battle: David Bowie, “Fascination” (ha ha!)

16) Death Scene: The Arms and Legs, “Part of Me” (“sayonara to your swaying hips” — I look forward to my death scene)

17) Funeral Song: For Stars, “Sorry” (“now I’m so scared of death/there are footsteps on the walls/faces on the ceiling”)

18) End Credits: Sigur Rós, “Untitled 5” (9 minutes and 57 seconds. no lyrics. perfect end credit music)

Try it. You might even like it.


3 Responses to “My life as a movie soundtrack”

  1. 1 FIGURO

    “純情” = Pure Love. :)

    there u have it.

    nice list Trane.

  2. 2 Trane DeVore

    Oh — pure love! Of course! Thanks Billy. What will your soundtrack look like?

  3. 3 K

    I think my funniest one was rufus wainwright’s cover of leonard cohen’s “everybody knows” for the breakup song…

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