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On my birthday, which was March 4 (i.e. a million years ago in syntax time), I took the train down to Hinase with Yo-chan and various members of the Osaka shashin-bu clan so that we could ride boats and eat oysters. Hinase is a small city that sits on the edge of the Seto Inland […]

A month or so ago I went to Mt. Kongo with Yo-chan and members of the Osaka Daigaku Photography Club. Kongo-san is most famous for the hoarfrost and icicles that cover its forested peak during the winter, but we were too late for hoarfrost and came for the view instead. The weather had been threatening […]



Last week I experienced my first large earthquake since moving to Japan. It was sometime after 9:00 in the morning and I hadn’t been awake for more than ten minutes or so. I walked downstairs to make some coffee, and while I was standing in front of the coffee grinder I began to feel terribly […]