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One of the main reasons that Dirk, Nichole and I visited Kumamoto was to see Kumamoto-jo, one of the more famous castles in Japan. Kumamoto-jo dates back to 1520, but in 1877 Kumamoto-jo was burned to the ground three days before the beginning of the Seinan Civil War (also known as the Satsuma Rebellion). The […]

After a fine morning spent at Kumamoto Castle, Dirk, Nichole and I went down to the bus station to catch one of the hourlies that take you outside of Kumamoto proper to what is probably one of the most amazing, but lesser known, religious and historical sites in Japan. The bus that takes you there […]

Typhoon return


With completely impeccable timing I managed to fly into Narita after a month-long sojourn back in the States just in time to meet up with a largish typhoon that was sweeping the area. The typhoon hadn’t hit ground when the plane landed, so there were no issues there, but I still had to get from […]