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Thanks to Sean Breslin for this wonderful Photoshop extravaganza featuring Godzilla trampling all over a photo of Tokyo Tower that I took during my 2001 trip to Japan. It’s the Year of the Mouse this year in Japan, though you might want to call it the Year of the Rat if you’re that way inclined. […]

Six months ago (or so) I had the pleasure to be asked to participate in an interesting collaborative book project. Stacy Szymaszek, who is an amazing poet and takes great photographs to boot, provided nine photographs (resembling, but not including, the photograph above) to be accompanied by new work by nine different poets. This series […]

(Just so you know, folks, the links on this page stopped working, so I removed them. So, there’s no actual music available here, just an old post about music that used to be out there in the ether. If I can ever hook it up again, I surely will.) I just got a surprise email […]

Recently Japan has decided to follow in the footsteps of the United States and has instituted a system of photographing and fingerprinting all non-Japanese upon entry into Japan. However, Japan has taken this system one step further than the U.S. has — even those people designated as permanent residents in Japan will have their fingerprints […]