happy year of the mouse!



Thanks to Sean Breslin for this wonderful Photoshop extravaganza featuring Godzilla trampling all over a photo of Tokyo Tower that I took during my 2001 trip to Japan. It’s the Year of the Mouse this year in Japan, though you might want to call it the Year of the Rat if you’re that way inclined.

This photo was taken from the passenger seat of my friend Tomo’s Miyata, and I’ve decided to post it not only because of Sean’s totally awesome addition to the scene, but also because Tomo reminded me this year that we first met 20 years ago while he was an exchange student at Petaluma High. At that time I certainly had no idea that I might ever end up living in Japan some twenty years later. Nor did I ever imagine that I would be watching a Godzilla movie in my own home in Osaka in which Godzilla stomps on every one of Osaka’s famous landmarks. Somehow watching Godzilla stomp on the city that I was living in made me feel as if I’d arrived. Not quite as fun as when Gamera ripped up the 1970 World Expo right up the road from my house though!


2 Responses to “happy year of the mouse!”

  1. 1 Sean

    The Chinese calendar should incorporate a Year of Godzilla along with the usual twelve. Especially after the recent warming in relations between China and Japan.

  2. 2 Trane DeVore

    Hey Sean — I totally agree, although there already is the year of the dragon. Perhaps a pure kaiju otaku could just take it all the way and change all of the months! You could have Godzilla, and Mothra, and Ghidra, and even Biollante. But if you started to include Ultra kaiju, then you’d have to come up with some alternative system — like the ‘monster a week’ system or something.

    Happy New Year!

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