Stacy Szymaszek’s Autoportraits


Six months ago (or so) I had the pleasure to be asked to participate in an interesting collaborative book project. Stacy Szymaszek, who is an amazing poet and takes great photographs to boot, provided nine photographs (resembling, but not including, the photograph above) to be accompanied by new work by nine different poets. This series of photos and poems was intended to constitute a kind of autobiography, or autoportrait, but rather than the usual act of monadic self-fashioning this was a collaborative and chancy encounter — a self constituted by a driftwork of speech activity anchored in images that were as layered, shifting, and boundless as the project as a whole. The book is now out from OMG Press, and here’s the description from the website (where you can purchase the book directly):

I’m very happy to announce the imminent release (next week) of Autoportraits, a collection of self-portraits by Stacy Szymaszek with accompanying texts by Trane Devore, Renee Gladman, Lisa Jarnot, Kevin Killian, Anne Tardos, Tim Peterson, or Trace, Elizabeth Robinson, and David Gatten. I think this book is terrific! Card-stock covers, saddle-stapled, 250 in existence. Only $5!

Click here for the OMG homepage.

Click here to read a “poet’s sampler” of Szymaszek’s work at the Boston Review.

Click here to read from Szymaszek’s HYPER GLOSSIA.


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