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I recently got clued into  Taniguchi Takashi’s animated shorts, which are absolute monuments of comically understated absurdist maximalism. And if that doesn’t make sense now, it will once you watch a couple of them yourself. There doesn’t seem to be much information about Taniguchi in English, though it’s clear from the Japanese Wikipedia page that […]

the mask


The swine flu has finally managed to make its way to Japan, which was just about inevitable despite the high level of precaution taken by the Japanese health ministry, and ground zero is the Kansai area — especially the cities of Kobe, and Toyonaka-shi in Osaka, which is where I live.  It’s suspected that the […]



This photograph was recently featured on the shutterhack site, an excellent photography site that provides an interesting (and beautiful, and amazing) daily selection of images.  Shutterhack gleans its images from a group pool on Flickr, as does the analogue-centric Film is not Dead it Just Smells Funny, which has also featured work of mine in […]