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Valéry, who had a fine eye for the cluster of symptoms called “civilization,” has characterized one of the pertinent facts. “The inhabitant of the great urban centers,” he writes, “reverts to a state of savagery — that is, of isolation.  The feeling of being dependent on others, which used to be kept alive by need, […]

There is something distasteful about the very bustle of the streets, something that is abhorrent to human nature itself.  Hundreds of thousands of people of all classes and ranks of society jostle past one another; are they not all human beings with the same characteristics and potentialities, equally interested in the pursuit of happiness? . […]

That the eye of the city dweller is overburdened with protective functions is obvious.  Georg Simmel refers to some less obvious tasks with which it is charged.  “The person who is able to see but unable to hear is much more . . . troubled than the person who is able to hear but unable […]

What’s the smell of capitalist crisis?  It’s the smell of new carpet, freshly laid linoleum, and fiber-board cabinetry being released into the wind as homes that are so new they haven’t even been lived in yet are ripped apart by demolition tractors.  The absurdity of new homes being ripped to the ground immediately after having […]

June 19th was the 25th birthday of the LOMO LC-A, and to celebrate I’ve posted a gallery of images illustrating what the LOMO does best: rip, burn, tear, mangle, obliterate, annihilate, and otherwise completely destroy (by any means necessary!) your precious filmstrips.  I’ve lost more rolls of film and more individual frames between my three […]