CARDBOARD and アホな走り集


It seems like I’m stumbling across all kinds of great video objects lately.  The first of today’s features include an amazing piece of animation in which strange creatures and robots painted onto cardboard come to life and inhabit the Dutch cityscape.  The video itself is the graduation project of Sjors Vervoort, and the soundtrack is by Steven Aerts.  Originally gleaned from Boing Boing, and a nice bookend to the pieces by BLU and David Ellis that were featured on this site yesterday.

The second video is called アホな走り集 (basically “Collection of Idiotic Running”) and I don’t know much about it except that it features music by Nujabes and incredibly slow motion silly-running (including a cameo by a sumo wrestler).  It kind of reminds me of a much more entertaining version of some of Bill Viola’s more recent work.  Passed on to me via my cousin, the brilliant Annelise DeVore.


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