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November 23rd was the last day of the 2009 Kobe Biennale, which I went to visit last week.  The Biennale is held at the waterfront site of Meriken Park, under the shadow of Kobe’s famous Port Tower and right next to the Maritime Museum.  Because Kobe is historically a port city, the organizers of the […]

Múm’s video for Rhubarbidoo (off Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy, their latest album) is one of the most re-enchanting videos that I’ve seen for a long time.  If, as Max Weber has argued, Enlightenment rationalization, especially as it manifests itself in the bureaucratized capitalism of Western society, results in a disenchanted world where we […]

Enkoji temple (圓 光寺) is one of the nicer places to go for autumn maple-leaf viewing.  The temple was founded as a place for scholarship and learning in 1601 by Tokugawa Ieyasu.  It was originally in Fushimi, in the southern part of Kyoto, but in 1667 the temple was moved to its current location near […]

Hachidai shrine (八大神社) is right next to Shisendo, and is most famous because of it’s association with Miyamoto Musashi, one of Japan’s most famous swordsmasters. Supposedly he came here to pray before the epic battle with the Yoshioka school in which he single-handedly consigned an entire branch of the school to oblivion.  Here’s how Wikipedia […]

Since autumn is here and the maple-viewing season is almost upon us, I thought I would drop a few seasonally appropriate posts.  These shots were taken a few years ago on a trip to Shisendo temple (詩仙堂) that was taken together with the lovely Ohta Ikuko.  Shisendo is especially famous for its maple trees, which […]