urban Holga — Osaka, Nagoya


All photographs taken using a Holga 120CFN.  The Osaka photographs were taken using Kodak TMX400, while the Nagoya shots were taken with Fujifilm Neopan 400.
Keys to the city:
1) This is a shot of a giant, golden, replica of Billiken being used for advertising purposes in the Shinsekai area of Osaka near Tsutenkaku Tower.
2) A fugu restaurant in the Shinsekai area of Osaka.  Apparently more fugu is eaten per capita in Osaka than in any other city of Japan.
3) One of the entrances of the famous Osu (大須) shopping arcade in Nagoya.
4) This is an apartment building in Nagoya that you can see from the Osu-kannon temple.  The celestial being painted on the side of the building is one of the Nio, or Heavenly Guardians.  The side of the building is an advertisement for Osu Nio-mon Street (大須仁王門道り— ‘the street of the Nio gate’), and the Guardian, who must be Agyo, is saying “Yeah, here.”
5) This is the awning for a takoyaki shop in Osaka called 天たこたこ焼き — Heavenly Octopus Takoyaki.  I haven’t had a chance to drop in, but I bet the takoyaki served there tastes divine.

4 Responses to “urban Holga — Osaka, Nagoya”

  1. Beautiful work. I love the Holga. I once took one into an abandoned military prison and took some great photos there. I will have to dig those up for you. Really, you have become an amazing photographer. I find in your photos all the things I love in your poetry. Thanks for sharing this here.

    • 2 Trane DeVore

      Hey Geoff —

      I’ve really fallen in love with the Holga, but I still don’t use it quite as much as I desire to use it. Do dig those photos up! “Abandoned military prison” has my name written all over it.

      It’s also really nice of you to see a connection between my photography and my poetry — I often also think there’s a similar ‘feeling’ between the two things, though it’s hard to quantify. Some kind of nous that floats between the mediums.

  2. Holy crap these are some amazing holga shots! I can’t believe the rich tonality and sharpness of those first two shots. Just incredible. I can’t stop staring at that first one. We had fugu in Osaka too. Maybe us tourists are part of the reason that the per capita consumption is so high?

    • 4 Trane DeVore

      George —

      My guess is that so much Fugu is eaten in Osaka because Osakans like fugu! And food in general. I doubt that the tourist intake is enough to explain a per capita high like that. Although, I suppose that if internal Japanese tourism is taken into account you might have a point.

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