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I ran into this amazing film about the 1975 San Francisco Artists’ Soapbox Derby on Boing Boing and I think it’s an incredible document about the potential transformation of public space that’s allowed when art becomes a communal undertaking and the axis of aesthetic attention is moved outside of the confining walls of the museum.  […]

(Shots taken at the Osaka Castle plum garden, the Expo 70 Memorial Park plum garden, and a couple of prime plum spots near my house.)

small worlds


Small Worlds is a beautiful game by David Shute, with music by Kevin Macleod.  Like all of my favorite games, this is a game about exploration —  perhaps something like a cross between Myst and Pitfall.  The gameplay is incredibly simple, involving navigation through space using the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to […]

During March of 2009 I spent some time traveling in Korea.  I had an especially great time in Pusan, where I spent a few days walking up and down the coastline and visiting several mountain temples, including Beomeosa, a Buddhist temple that was founded in 678.  Beomeosa has an incredibly poetic sounding name when translated […]

the morning cup


1. Eerie, the ghosts in my haunted coffee.  Corpsey hands push through the grave-dirt, an exhalation, the spirits of grass snakes and killer whales. 2. I was kind of shocked when I first came across the bums, huddled around their barrel-fire in the bottom of my coffee cup.  The guy wearing the blue bandanna and […]

7 portraits


I had inordinately good luck with my Bessa-T and this roll of Kodak 400TMY when I was back in the U.S. this summer.  Lens effect fineness courtesy of Voigtlander’s massively wonderful 50mm Nokton.

The crown jewel in long-distance Amtrak travel is the California Zephyr (also called “The Silver Lady”), which runs from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean, crossing both the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevadas in the process.   I picked up the Zephyr at Denver’s historic Union Station, which opened in 1881. Unfortunately, the Zephyr […]