Tadanori Yokoo and Tabaimo at the National Museum of Art, Osaka


Two exhibits that should prove to be absolutely amazing are running concurrently at the Osaka National Museum of Art through September 12th.

The poster art of Tadanori Yokoo has become legendary and even though I’ve been to three exhibits of his work since I’ve been in Japan, I just can’t seem to get enough.  Yokoo’s posters are like graphic pop hallucinations of what the psychedelic 60s might have looked like through a deeply skeptical pair of eyes, always in the process of dissecting the Japanese cultural landscape.  While there’s plenty of interesting information about Tadanori Yokoo available on line, I think the best thing I’ve stumbled across recently is this machine-generated translation describing Yokoo’s new book-length essay, Glance of the Stoop:

The motto of the artist of the cat lover who greeted seventy years of age does only that it is the enthusiast that it does not do the unpleasant thing.   Because that I am busy is swung around in time of another person.   The thing that the effort seems to be a destined appendix.   – In the time when – old age finishes the life, I will play in the nothing life.   The any people regardless of age or sex required reading that wants to live creatively naturally!  A collection of long-awaited latest essays!!

I’ve only been to see a single exhibit of Tabaimo’s work — at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo — but it was absolutely incredible.  Tabaimo’s work, much of it in the form of animation, combines a kind of beautiful grotesquerie with with a wonderfully colored hand-drawing technique that’s reminiscent of ukiyo-e prints.  There are a lot of great interviews with Tabaimo on the web, and several galleries that feature good examples of her work (there are some links at the bottom of the Japanese Wikipedia page that lead to some nice galleries).

I haven’t seen either of these exhibits yet, but I think it’s safe to recommend them anyway.  If you have any interest at all in contemporary Japanese art and you’re in the Kansai region while this show is still running, then you should definitely go.

Here’s a link to an earlier Troutfactory Notebook entry about Tabaimo.  I’ve also written a little bit about Tadanori Yokoo before, at the end of a piece about a Tanaami Keiichi exhibit in Kyoto.

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