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Golden Finance


How to describe Golden Finance?  Avant-garde, gold-dusted, dancing comedy provocateurs?  Confrontational experimenters in neo-vaudeville exhibitionism?  The weird golden standard of disquieting performance art that leaves everyone rolling in the aisles?  All of these things are Golden Finance. When I went to see them at Osaka’s Shangri-La, they performed several bumping electro-tribal, disco-synchro group dance numbers […]

Today it’s Christmas in Osaka and, appropriately enough, this afternoon we had the first flurries of snow of the winter season.  Not really enough to stick, but it’s still nice to go stand outside while the soft, white flakes slowly navigate their way to the ground. Since it’s the Christmas season I’ve been teaching Dickens’s […]

The Robot 3 has got to be one of the cutest toy cameras ever invented.  On the front of the camera is a smiling robot face with tiny plastic lenses for the mouth and eyes.  These lenses are tripped by the shutter button and fire in a counterclockwise sequence starting with the mouth.  All three […]

In most of the classical psychoanalytical models of consciousness, dreams — whether functioning as wish fulfillment or as the working out of childhood trauma that is lodged deep within the unconscious mind — are riddles that, if properly deciphered, can reveal information about the structure of our psyches that has been so well hidden that […]

winter fruits


Every year I help my neighbors, who are both in their eighties now, harvest the persimmons from the tree in their yard.  This year there were more persimmons than usual, though they were smaller — I think I must have plucked several hundred from the tree in the course of a couple of hours.  The […]

Over the weekend I went to see the Gekidan Chaukachawan — an amateur theater group made up of Osaka University students — perform their latest production,      十人トイレ.   十人トイレ, which can very loosely be translated as 10 People and a Toilet, is a title that puns on the classic Japanese saying 十人十色, or “ten people, […]

Lately I haven’t been posting very much to the Troutfactory Notebook, and I’ve been asking myself why.  Partly it’s due to a busy work schedule, but I’ve begun to realize recently that it’s also partly due to the fact that in trying to generate the more elaborate and essayistic pieces that I’ve been trying to […]