Golden Finance


How to describe Golden Finance?  Avant-garde, gold-dusted, dancing comedy provocateurs?  Confrontational experimenters in neo-vaudeville exhibitionism?  The weird golden standard of disquieting performance art that leaves everyone rolling in the aisles?  All of these things are Golden Finance.

When I went to see them at Osaka’s Shangri-La, they performed several bumping electro-tribal, disco-synchro group dance numbers in which they exaggerated their dance moves to great avant-comedic effect, throwing in a great deal of slow, slow, golden-assed, right in your face, booty grinding.  Then they took a quick break and two of the members came out dressed in school uniforms — a golden high-school boy and his golden, short-skirted, hairy-legged, high-school girlfriend —  and performed a kind of manzai comedy routine that was riotously disturbing and funny at the same time.  Then there was the extreme a cappella vocal improvisation, and finally a chorus line that incorporated a flurry of Ghidorah-groined high kicks.

I’m not sure what this final video, shot in the Osu neighborhood of Nagoya, might or might not have to do with the members of Golden Finance, but it would be pretty surprising if these two groups, with their very similar bodypaint routines, were entirely unrelated.


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