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a star is born


As a newly proud uncle, I’m ecstatic to welcome my niece, the beautiful Isabella Sophia DeVore, into the world.  Born on April 22nd, she was the cause for a celebration that brought my brother, myself, and my sister together for the first time in several years.  In honor of the baby, and in memory of […]

After being away for six years, I’ve finally returned to Sonoma County for an extended stay.  A large part of the excitement I had about returning had to do with being able to experience a sense of the physical place again, though an even larger part had to do with the fact that I would […]

It’s beautiful weather here in the North Bay, the first time for six years that I’ve been back in Sonoma County during the spring.  It’s taken a bit of time to readjust to the paces and rhythms here, country suburbia being just about as opposite as possible from the deep urban space of Osaka.  Here […]

After six years of living in Japan I’ve gotten on an airplane and flown back to live in the States, where I’ll be living for at least one year.  My last few weeks in Japan were spent meeting up with all of the friends who have helped to make my time in Japan so wonderful, […]