a star is born


As a newly proud uncle, I’m ecstatic to welcome my niece, the beautiful Isabella Sophia DeVore, into the world.  Born on April 22nd, she was the cause for a celebration that brought my brother, myself, and my sister together for the first time in several years.  In honor of the baby, and in memory of our father, we spent some time together before the baby was born playing a few of the bamboo flutes that our father made.  One of these flutes, the ‘birth flute,’ was played by my father while my sister was being born.  The birth flute is made from a really large piece of bamboo and it has the most mellow, relaxing, low tone that can possibly be imagined.  It’s really hard to play, but my brother finally managed it.  And it must have worked, because Isabella Sophia was born just a few days later.

The word ‘uncle’ apparently derives from the Latin word avunculus, the diminutive of avus, which means ‘grandfather.’  While I like to think that my brother and I are equally avuncular, there’s a bit of tension forming between us about who gets to be designated the official “crazy uncle.”  I’m always wanted to be known as “crazy uncle Trane,” but since my brother fits the description equally as well, it looks like only a bikini-brief coleslaw wrestling deathmatch is going to be able to solve this one.

In anticipation of becoming an uncle I spent a bit of time trying to think of famous literary uncles that I could possibly emulate, but off the top of my head the list came up surprisingly short.  Bilbo Baggins was just about the only uncle of merit that I could think of, aside from Ebeneezer Scrooge in his post-humbug phase.  Have I completely blanked on all the great literary uncles?  Or is there honestly a strange gap when it comes to uncledom in literature?  There seem to be plenty of evil uncles out there, but where are all the good eggs?  I suppose it’s time to start trend.


One Response to “a star is born”

  1. 1 Glen DeVore Jr.

    Isabella Sophia DeVore…a brilliant and beautiful name for a brilliant and beautiful being. What a wonderful event. I can feel my Uncle Darrell smiling away. As for our Isabella Sophia’s “crazy uncles”, why not share the honor as a duo? Twice the power, twice the creativity, twice the madness!

    As for the literary uncles tradition…damn it, Trane! I can’t remember! I would think it exists, but it escapes me at the moment. Now I have that impulse to research until dawn.

    But to the truly important matter: I am so happy for my cousin Oma. This is a joyous occassion.

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